Ghanaian Artist Paints London with Breathtaking Murals of Inspiring Black Women

London-based Ghanaian artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane fills the city with murals of his most inspirational female friends.

As a part of his ‘You Are Enough’ series, the 43-year-old street artist is hoping to shine the light and empower “amazing women who are not given the visibility they deserve.”

“I wanted to pay tribute and acknowledge black girls and women. Every portrait I paint is a reflection of black women, and indeed all women. We are all born of a woman and by presenting my subjects in such a strong, powerful and naturally beautiful way, I hope to inspire as I am inspired. This series is a larger than life tribute to the unsung heroines who work tirelessly for the benefit of our people and society at large,” Dreph said.

The huge paintings of the black women can be seen around public spots in London, including Soho and various spots in the east end of the city.

“For me, this project is about empowerment,” Dreph said in a short documentary. “It’s about female empowerment.” He added.

Some of the women highlighted in the series include charity workers, educators, youth workers, a health consultant, and a psychotherapist specialising in supporting survivors of sexual abuse among others.

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