Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have several storylines attached to their names at the moment, but the angle associated with their potential rematch in an Octagon received some new layers on Sunday.

According to Omar Al Raisi, editor in chief of The Sports Journal, Dubai’s largest sporting news outlet, who referenced sources, the fight will take place in the Octagon with modified rules.
Here is a look at the tweets from Al Raisi that break down the reported rules the two men will abide by in the Octagon and mentions the fight will be co-promoted by Mayweather, McGregor and the UFC:

Apparently, according to sources, the UFC was set to announce this fight and a potential newly constructed contract for McGregor at a press conference before the melee that ensued at the Barclays Center on Thursday. The incident would have seemingly put a halt or at least a delay on any of these plans.
Why conceptually it’s outrageous, we’ve come to expect that from all involved.
Most wondered and questioned whether Mayweather would ever climb into the Octagon and put himself in harm’s way in a full-fledged MMA bout. If this report is true, Mayweather will have used his leverage to limit the risks of participating in a new combat sport.
Again, this would prove who the A-side is in this negotiation. If this is true, the UFC might be eager to get McGregor’s legal situation and athletic eligibility cleared so that they can move forward with what figures to be a massive payday for everyone involved.