Fetty Wap Says He Doesn’t Care If No One Buys His Album

Fetty Wap Says He Doesn’t Care If No One Buys His Album

Fetty Wap has blown up exponentially over the last year, and just sat for his first major interview with Billboard Magazine.

When talking about his breakout hit, Fetty revealed that “Trap Queen” — the oh-so-popular ode to the main chick that helps cook up the dope — was actually a love song that the intended person caught the gist of:

“If everybody was to catch on to the [references in the] song, it wouldn’t have been that big. At the end of the day, it’s my personal love story. Can’t nobody tell me how to be in love.”

And although Fetty isn’t with his Trap Queen anymore, he says they are still great friends. He also says he had no desire to put any guest features from well-known singers or rappers on his debut album:

“Having people on the album, that’s not going to do nothing for me. That’s going to help them. Instead, I’ll help the people that been with me.”

If that hurts his album sales…welp, he’s fine with that.

“I don’t give a g*ddamn if the album don’t make it nowhere. I don’t care if I don’t sell 100 copies if all my family bought it. None of that extra sh*t matter to me, bro, as long as I get a chance to live a dream a lot of people didn’t.”