Italian luxury car Ferrari has just unveiled its latest super car dubbed the Ferrari p80/c, the hyper car was designed by Flavio manzoni in conjunction with the Ferrari engineering and aerodynamic team.
The car has taken four years to be developed, which is the longest period for any Ferrari car ever,

The finite product sits on the 488 GT3 chassis and was designed with two sides in mind – a race-ready soul (carbon fiber wing, 18-inch single-nut wheels) and a showcase ethos (21 wheels and the raw body, without the aero add-ons).

As a track car, performance was the main focus, so Ferrari did away with unnecessary features such as large obvious headlights or taillights. Utilizing extensive research on aerodynamics, the P80/C is five percent more efficient overall. The body is entirely constructed of carbon fiber, which is left bare in particular technical parts of the car, the remainder of which is all finished in Ferrari’s signature Rosso Vero. At the heart of the car sits a 3.9L twin-turbo V8 engine, boasting 660 horsepower.