Raised the bar.

Nigerian singer, actor, and entertainer, Falz, has signed a multi-season deal with Silicon Valley Funded BLK PRIME to play the lead role in the original drama series, Church. BLK PRIME took to social media to share the good news. In a statement made by BLK PRIME’s SVP Programming, Scott Scherer, he said,

“We’re thrilled to be working with Falz. With millions of fans around the world and nearly 3 million Instagram followers, Falz has proven to be a gifted performer with the ability to captivate an audience. Church is a complex character that will showcase Falz in a way audiences have never seen him before,”

Falz will be playing the character, Church which is short for William Randolph Church, a charismatic and intense Nigerian billionaire. In his statement, he said,

“I am so excited to introduce my character, Church, to audiences around the world and to be a part of BLK PRIME’s mission of offering diverse streaming entertainment worldwide.”