Enya To Release New Album This Month

Enya To Release New Album This Month

Grammy Award winning singer, Enya who went on sabbatical for 7 years will be dropping her new album this month.

The album titled ‘Dark Sky Island’ will be released on November 20, 2015.

A press release about Enya’s album reads,

“Sonically, Dark Sky Island is a collection that’s both incredibly diverse and innately unified by the production: almost Spector-esque in its lavish, wide-screen multi-tracked layers of sound.”

“Opening track The Humming is an immediate highlight as it subliminally works its infectious magic within the course of a single listen. By contrast, Even In The Shadows pulses with an insistent rhythm; the hymnal I Could Never Say Goodbye is sparse in its reflective beauty; while Sancta Maria blends synthesisers and classical instrumentation to create an ethereal soundscape that comfortably sits in both the past and the future. It’s almost a history of sound encapsulated in four hypnotic and otherworldly minutes.”