Ghanaian rapper E.L presents a brand new project; this right here is an EP titled Leaks 3, and it’s the third installment of three-track tapes the rapper has promised to deliver every month.

The rapper and producer usually drops a full-length mixtape every year, titled the BAR (Best African Rapper) tapes, but he has decided to switch things up a bit and drop several shorter projects.

E.L had this to say:

The BAR tapes were a great time for Ghanaian Hip-Hop culture, but we’ve got too many new songs, new talent and incredible beats to wait 12 months before another release. I love my rap heads, so instead of a BAR each year. Here’s a three-track tape each month. #Leaks.

The previous installments of the Leaks monthly EP had 3 songs each on them but with Leaks 3, E.L added an additional song making it 4. Leaks 3 features Lyrical Joe & Worlasi.

Check out E.L’s project below.