The finest of all Ducati production superbikes has just been unveiled in the stunning Superleggera V4. Resplendent in the official 2019 Ducati MotoGP team colors and limited to only 500 examples worldwide, the Superleggera V4 is special for many reasons, but one stands above all others: the extensive use of carbon fiber.

The woven black material is employed in the construction of the chassis, swingarm, wheels and bodywork, which Ducati says is a first for any street legal motorcycle. Ducati did, however, produce the 1299 Superleggera in 2017, which also used carbon fiber in the construction of the above parts, but that machine used a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, not the twin-spar design of the Superleggera V4.

The use of carbon fiber for those parts means there’s a claimed 14.7-pound weight savings, for a total dry weight of just 350 pounds. That compares rather favorably with the Panigale V4 S we tested in Bahrain last week, which tips the scales at 384 pounds dry. And it gets better. When paired with the Akrapovič titanium racing exhaust that you get in the Ducati Racing Kit, the weight drops down to lithe 335 pounds dry.