The Dreamville team has announced that the Dreamville 2020 fest has been canceled, due to the prevalent coronavirus pandemic. They issued a statement via twitter.

In April of 2019, the yearly Dreamville Fest occurred for the first time. It featured exhibitions from J. Cole, Nelly, Big Sean and that’s just the beginning. A couple of months from that point forward, they put out Revenge Of The Dreamers III and their energy was at a record-breaking high. It seemed that this year’s Dreamville fest would have been bigger than the last.

It was billed for April but due to COVID-19, it got delayed. In March, a new date was announced, for August 29th.

Obviously, things have just gotten crazier from that point forward and today, Dreamville has reported that the current year’s celebration has been dropped. Discounts will be given out by May 22nd and in the event that you purchased a physical ticket, fill out the form here to get your refund.