With back to back hit songs and years of conquering Africa to the world, Nigerian megastar, who was born with a silver spoon but hustles like he came from nothing, Davido shares with Vype about his ‘Route of inspiration’ in creating his 3rd studio album, ‘A Better Time‘.

While talking about his musical inspirations, the ‘baddest’ as he is fondly called expressed the importance of having the foresight to help plan. Davido said:

Every time I make a song I already imagine how it’s going to be in shows, in the clubs. As an artist, you have to foresee that and plan for that, when I make my music I definitely think about the future and what the songs are going to be.

The FEM crooner further expressed how his exposures during tours became a muse to him, including the adrenaline he receives from performing to his fan with the fans singing back his words. He said:

Touring, travelling gives me so much inspiration, performing alone and seeing the people singing and going crazy to what you just recorded in the studio,  it crazy mehn, the energy the life, the experience. Being on road with my friend’s, like these are stories we will tell our kids, grandkids, the experience is very important.

Omo Baba Olowo himself opened up about how he stumbled into the making of A Better Time album largely because of the pandemic. In his words:

The process of making A.B.T wasn’t planned at all, to me I think the pandemic had a lot to do with it cause I was on tour obviously, so I had to stop tour. I’m sure if I was the tour, I don’t think I would have had time to even record but you know, being in Lagos and being at home, I was just recording and recording so many songs, it ended up being like really good. After a while, we were like yo, we are going to put out something. You couldn’t go anywhere we were just at home, nothing else to do that just record. Normal we are in the studio, at night we are the club, we didn’t really have anything to do than sleep and wake up to music.


Watch the interview below.