Davido spoke about his personal dealings since he went on a break across social media, how he needed rest after nine years of consistently making music and touring. He also, amongst other myriad issues thrown from the superb hosts, answered to this handling of the DMW label, smoking hookah at a studio with Nas, getting Nicki Minaj –

– That’s where the meat comes in, when Davido talks of his forthcoming album. Of the song with the iconic Nicki, he said “Before this song, I had never spoken to Nicki, neither did I have a mutual friend or any label. We were in a club in Abuja. I was drunk, wasted. I’d just recorded this song. I’m in the car like Yo Nicki would kill this.! I take my phone, I DMed her… straight. I said ‘Nicki, I got a hit for us. It’s gonna go number one, I promise.’ The next morning, I saw her reply, ‘Send it’.”

Davido also said the album will contain 17 tracks.