Tekashi 6ix9ine’s been able to maintain a low profile since his release from prison a few weeks back. Well, that is, until recently. With the self-proclaimed King Of New York out on home confinement, he doesn’t have many options to hide, except for his own home, but apparently, even that was more difficult for him than one can imagine.

A very curious neighbour has revealed that the rapper is hiding out in Long Island. That doesn’t bode too well for a rapper who has a lot of enemies already.

Although the post has now been deleted, we still have the gist. Apparently, 6ix9ine had gone on to his balcony to flex some jewellery and basically show off. An excited neighbour recognized him by his very hard to miss hairstyle and posted it on Instagram.

Clearly, all efforts to remain lowkey – or lack thereof, has failed. According to TMZ reports, the girl who captured the image also got his address and it is now unconfirmed general knowledge that the rapper is hiding out in Long Island.

Tekashi 6ix9ine made a big return to social media in a way we’ve never seen before. On Friday, his IG live raked in 2m views, which beat Tory Lanez record to become the highest ever.

He also added a new single and music video on the same day. It is titled ‘Gooba’ and judging by the numbers, his fans seem to love it.

According to new reports from TMZ, the rapper has now been relocated following address leak