UFC Star Conor McGregor has been handed a one-month suspension by the UFC following his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Irishman was tapped out in the fourth round of their lightweight championship bout in Las Vegas on Saturday (Sunday NZT) after Nurmagomedov administered a rear naked choke.

A UFC medical statement read: “Conor McGregor: Suspended until 6/11/18, no contact until 28/10/18.”

McGregor’s medical suspension for a month by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) comes as no surprise.

Initially McGregor had been cleared of any responsibility as Nurmagomedov leaped out of the octagon and attacked one of the Irishman’s trainers.

McGregor was then a victim of Nurmagomedov ‘s entourage jumping into the cage and attacking him.

But a fresh review of video footage suggests McGregor hit one of Nurmagomedov’s trainers when he jumped on top of the cage himself. That’s when Nurmagomedov’s team went after him and the new view seems to be that McGregor may have started the scuffle that enveloped him.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission elected to hold Nurmagomedov’s US$2 million (NZ$3.1 million) pay cheque in expectation of filing a complaint. It released McGregor’s US$3 million (NZ$4.6 million) fee but now intends to file a complaint against the Irishman as well in the wake of a fresh look at video evidence and interviews with people around the melee.

“We will be filing against Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov,” NSAC chairman Anthony Marnell told ESPN.

“Because we withheld one purse, we will have to move expeditiously to a complaint and hearing. We have held 100 per cent of one of the fighter’s money. Temporary suspensions will be out shortly, and we’re shooting for a final hearing date in November.”

The NSAC’s next commission hearing is scheduled for October 24, but the scale of this investigation means it is unlikely to be heard until the end of  November.