Looking to see amazing artworks? want to enhance your vacation in Nigeria? Visit some of Nigeria’s world-class museums and discover the ancient wonders and artifacts. Nigeria is a country with diverse ethnic groups and regions also blessed with a lot of natural resources. let’s explore certain places where art is lived and breathed as a way of life. It is true that hundreds of natural museums exist in the country, Nigeria is a country that has rich culture and heritage and the various museums serve as a repository of both. Many troop to our museums every year to learn more about Nigeria. The following are some of the more renown ones:

Nigerian National Museum, Lagos

The Nigerian National Museum was founded in 1957. Today, it houses some remarkable collections of the country’s sculptures, arts, ethnographic and archaeological displays. You would find some historical statues and carvings and monuments. This museum is located at Onikan in Lagos.


Terra Kulture is a place of art located at Tiamiyu Savage road, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, it also has an attached restaurant where you can get a feel of various traditional cuisine. It is a premier cultural center of arts and a one-stop venue for all things creative. Seun Kuti, son of the late Afro-pop musician, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti described Terra Kulture as a place to get cultured about africanism. Sefi Atta, a writer and published author said Terra Kulture is a creative arts centre for literary, language, dramatic, visual, comedy, culinary, music, film, fashion design and dance. And international author Chimamanda Adichie said “Terra Kulture is one of my favorite places in Lagos – I love the shelves full of books in the library, the good food in the restaurant, the delightful décor, the lovely paintings in the gallery, the theater on Sundays, and most of all, the abiding pleasure of being in a place where the idea of the arts as vital to our nation thrives.”


Nike centre for arts and culture has become a centre of attraction of all arts lovers within and outside the country, with the owner travelling all over the world to showcase the beauty of arts and the culture of the Yoruba people. The works of arts at this centre cuts across fashion, decorations, art displays, and paintings among others.


The jos Museum was founded in 1952 and it is situated near the Jos Zoo in the heart of the city.  If you want to learn more about the prehistoric culture of Nigeria, you need to visit Jos Museum. The museum offers collections such as Nok terracotta heads – sculptures dating as far back as 500 B. C. You will also find a collection of finely crafted pottery in the Pottery Hall inside the museum. Other collections displayed are mining exhibitions of the olden days. The unique exhibits in the museum will definitely add to your vacation experience and leave you enchanted.

 SUSAN WENGERS CULTURAL GROOVE IN OSOGBO                                                                

One of the best places you can visit for visual art in Nigeria is the Susan Wenger’s cultural art groove in Osogbo, Osun State. People all over the world know of the annual Osun Osogbo festival, but you can’t really talk about this festival without mentioning the influence of Austrian-born Susan Wenger, the Yeye Osun, who revived the ancestral worship of the Osogbo river and made hundreds of life-sized art and statues in cultural grooves that give the place a mystic aura. The hundreds of statues and figurines made by the Yeye Osogbo continue to attract tourists and art-lovers from around the world today.

National Museum, Benin City

Benin city has this museum that was established in 1973. There are a lot of intrinsic artworks that are displayed here like the famous Bini bronze sculptures, cast iron pieces and the terracotta. The ancient Benin Empire is well represented here and the depth of history represented here will leave you in awe.

National War Museum, Umuahia

The National War Museum in Umuahia houses some of the mind-blowing relics of the country. It is aptly called a war museum because it has on display many of the equipments and craft that was used during the Nigerian Civil War. The Ojukwu bunker can be found here. The relics of Enugu Coal Miner Riots and Aba Women Riot can be found here as well, including the famous local bombs called Ogbungwe.

National Museum, Kaduna

Finally, on our list is the National Museum that is located in Kaduna. It houses the terracotta statutes, Benin bronzes and other ethnographic and archaeological artifacts too. There is also a traditional craft village that is also around this premise.