Barbados costume brand Pampalam Barbados has released lookbook/campaign images of their costumes for Cropover 2019 and we’re absolutely in love.Pampalam Barbados was birthed to create well-constructed and trendy costumes that speak to Barbadian culture and heritage.According to the brand;For Cropover 2019, we present: Petals of Paradise;

Petals of Paradise speaks to the beauty, texture and vibrancy of the Pride of Barbados, Anthurium, Frangipani and Black Orchid flowers: basking in their bold colors, depicting strength, genesis, perseverance and beauty.
See more photos of the lookbook below.CREDITSPHOTOGRAPHY; @visublastPRODUCER: Desma Bidjou-KerekesMAKEUP: @roguebeautiiMODELS: Chelsie Gran, Kari Miller, Chelsie Grant