Activision has just announced the official launch date for season four of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its massively-popular battle royale mode, Warzone, releasing a recap trailer of the story so far along with the news.

Now scheduled to drop on June 3, the upcoming season has been highly anticipated by fans of the franchise thanks to one of its most popular protagonists — Captain John Price — becoming a playable character. To unlock him, you’ll need a season pass, which presumably will be available when the upcoming season launches. Aside from Price, Activision has also teased another character joining the game in a recent blog post that reads: “After an intercepted phone call between Target Denver and one of his elite soldiers, we learned of Armistice finally bringing out their ace in the hole: Task Force 141’s finest in Captain John Price and the final squad member he nominated to this Tier One group.” Die-hard fans will know that this “final squad member” is most likely John “Soap” MacTavish, the main playable character in the original game which kickstarted the Modern Warfare series.

Check out the trailer below;