Following the recent Black Lives Matter protests, numerous developers and publishers have openly expressed support. As part of Infinity Ward’s attempts to stand against racism, a Black Lives Matter message now appears during Call Of Duty’s loading screens.

Yesterday, Call Of Duty developer Infinity Ward stated that it would be taking steps to prevent racism in its games, such as banning players with offensive ID names. And today, it’s been reported by numerous players that a new update to both Modern Warfare and Warzone has added a loading screen that contains a message supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Our community is hurting,” the statement reads. “The systemic inequalities our community experiences are once again center stage. Call of Duty and Infinity Ward stand for equality and inclusion. We stand against the racism and injustice our Black community endures. Until change happens and Black Lives Matter, we will never truly be the community we strive to be.”

The message subsequently appears every time you launch Modern Warfare on a PS4. It also appears on loading screens and when switching to a separate mode like Warzone.

A similar message has also been spotted in Call Of Duty: Mobile, ‘While we have been eager to celebrate the new season for Call Of Duty: Mobile, this is not the time. ‘Our community is hurting. We are heartbroken by the systemic injustice and inequality experienced by the black community. The Call Of Duty: Mobile team stands for justice, inclusion, and equality for all. ‘We ask you to join us in hearing the thoughtful voices that have risen so loudly and passionately to inspire a better future. We stand with you.’

Several video game companies have issued statements of support for black communities this week following protests against police brutality in the US and the killing of George Floyd.