Nigerian fashion brand BASIGZ has announced the launch of her S/S 2020 haute couture collection titled Definitive Elegance.

On the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of October 2019, this event took place at the Basigz Gallery located at 4/5 Atakpo Street in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria.

According to the statement following the release;

“Definitive Elegance as name implies is inspired by the alluring femininity of the genuine female anatomy it was I spires, created, crafted and styled in consonance with the BASIGZ brand principles and philosophies which have driven the iconic brand thus far.

The collection is filled with rich design silhouettes and we’ll thought out production processes; from the fabric choices to the hue managements, and the fit, and the styling making every piece perfect.

Its craftsmanship explores, interprets, illuminates and showcases the brand’s unique depth of professional, sophisticated and tasteful artisanal artistry DNA. Each piece is distinctively mastered. This implies that fluidity and hue pallet defined our fabric choice in this collection resulting in impeccable craftsmanship and a magical work of art to gives the #basigzwoman that satisfied #basigzexperience. The looks from the collection exude refined taste, sophisticated glamour and stylish elegance which constitutes the brand’s top-notch identity in the global fashion world.

From the gentle words of the creative director of the luxury fashion brand Abasiama Godfrey, every masterpiece built in this collection is timeless and highly recommended in your quest to vividly satisfy your inner passion for glamour and also re-establish a more excellent sense of style for the 21st-century #basigzwoman. This collection can be described in five words as ethereal, elegant, sophisticated, stylish and sexy.”

See more photos of the collection below.



Mua: @tweetyfaces
Photo: @motionz_studio
Brand: Basigz_official
Location: Basigz Gallery