German Automaker Audi has just unveiled it new elecytric sedan Auto to battle with Tesla S, The car dubbed the e-tron GT, which has a flat, wide underlying architecture and a long wheelbase, has separate electric motors fitted to the front and rear axles that produce an equivalent of 590 horsepower. The e-tron GT will accelerate from 0 to about 60 miles per hour in around 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed just shy of 150 mph, according to Audi.

The interior is vegan as well — perhaps a nod to Tesla — with synthetic leather and fabric from recycled fibers used on the seat cushions, armrests and center console. Audi doesn’t indicate whether a production version will offer a vegan interiorIt supports fast charging up to 800V, allowing it to charge from 0%-80% in 20 minutes, and it also supports inductive charging when parked on a charging pad.

The automaker said that it will offer 12 all-electric automobiles by 2025.
The E-Tron GT was built in collaboration with Porsche and even uses the same platform as the upcoming all-electric Taycan four-door sports car. It has a 114-inch wheelbase, and stands 195.6 inches long, 76.8 inches wide and 54.0 inches tall. Compare that to the Audi A7, which is 195.6 inches long, 83.4 inches wide, 56.0 inches tall, and has a 115.2-inch wheelbase. The roof of the E-Tron GT is made of carbon, while the rest of the structure is aluminum and steel.