Kubo Novak is a full-time paper artist with an affinity for geometrical research.  He creates abstract paper reliefs confronting sharp crystallic microstructure of paper folds, with a bionic-like smooth curvy macrostructure of his pieces.

As a starting visual artist with a background in architecture he is fascinated by parametric design, classical geometry and architectural composition and crystallography. He embraces paper as an universal medium very potent in its versatility., his process is a twofold method, the first stage of which is the design phase dwelling in the nearly limitless virtual environment. He then creates the pieces meticulously by hand confronting the designs with my physical and skill limits.

In his current series called the Pleats, he created four small-scale curly compositions each made of one single sheet of paper, swimming in a sea of negative space. Combined with a soft sidelight, these actually basic reliefs create a surprisingly dynamic dialogue between light and shadow.