Contemporary artist Ai Weiwei has filed a lawsuit against German Automaker Volkswagen and its Danish counterparts after he said his Artwork appeared in an advert of the Automaker.without his permission.

he prolific contemporary maestro and impassioned political activist traveled to Copenhagen for proceedings in a lawsuit he has filed against Volkswagen.

The trial, which has been in the works for at least a year, is set to begin today. Weiwei sued the car manufacturing company for intellectual copyright violation after a Volkswagen ad that was released in 2017 featured his work Soleil Levant without the artist’s permission.
The artist claimed that he had unsuccessful attempts to resolve the matter with Volkswagen. “Volkswagen and other multinational corporations have tremendous bargaining power in intellectual property protection as well as environmental and human rights,” he wrote. “They are not above the law.”

Ai Weiwei is not the first artist to sue an automaker over the unauthorized use of images. Last April, artists Daniel Bombardier, Maxx Gramajo, James “Dabls” Lewis, and Jeff Soto sued Mercedes-Benz for using their Detroit murals in ads surrounding its G 500 vehiacle.