Apple today announced Apple Watch Series 5, debuting an Always-On Retina display that never sleeps, so it’s easy to see the time and other important information, without raising or tapping the display. The latest model is very similar to last year’s Series 4, with a similar design and size.

Apple says the Series 5 watch maintains the prior model’s 18-hour battery life, even with the new always-on screen, thanks to a new low-temperature polysilicone and oxide display and low-power display driver. Watchfaces and workouts have been redesigned to take advantage of the new display option. The screen will be in a low-brightness mode until you move your wrist, where it will switch to full brightness in a similar fashion to how the current model turns on when your wrist is moved.

Other new features include a built-in compass and emergency calling for international countries. Interestingly, Apple did not announce first-party sleep tracking with the new model, which was something that was expected based on leaks and rumors.