Apple at the annual WWDC conference on  Monday, has announced a new tool called sign in with Apple Along with a new dark mode and nee camera features, Sign in with Apple is part of the new iOS features which will come to iPhone this fall.

The tool works like similar social sign-in buttons — like those that allow users to log into third-party apps with either their Google or Facebook ID.

The Apple sign-in button allows iOS users to sign in to apps, like ridesharing apps, with their Apple ID but without all the tracking or having to reveal personal information. Apple will provide developers with the sign-in APIs to build into their app.

When apps require your email address or name, you can choose how you want to share this information with developers. In a demo using Bird’s scooter rental app, Federighi showed that users can either choose to share their email address with the developer or choose an option that will create a randomized email address that will relay the message to your Apple iCloud email address to protect your security.