Yesterday, Apple announced a new MacBook Air at the company’s second keynote since September. Notably, the new MacBook Air is 25 percent lighter and thinner than its predecessor, arriving at 2.75 pounds and also introduces Touch ID.

The 13.5-inch edge-to-edge Retina display is equipped with 50 percent thinner bezels and the latest-generation keyboard rounding out the 8GB RAM model with a 1.6GHz Core i5 and 128 SSD. The MacBook Air is also made with 100 percent recycled aluminum, making it the greenest Mac ever. It is available in Space Grey, Silver and Gold – the latter is darker than the 12-inch gold MacBook which will also be updated to the new shade. Rose gold, will thus be discontinued.

The new MacBook Airs can be pre-ordered now starting at $1,199 USD, with a November 7 release date. Check out more pictures below.