Apple released their unique iPhone X late last year, which was created to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of their beloved device. However, consumers and bloggers alike began to postulate whether the company would release an iPhone X Plus, seeing as how the phone was only released in one standard size.
An image has begun to circulate on Twitter, and it apparenlty reveals the essential parts that will come together to form the upcoming iPhone X Plus.
Checkout the image below:

The screen that is showcased has a 6.5-inch display, which is only 1.4 inches smaller than the iPad Mini. The body of the phone will be similar to that of the iPhone 8 Plus, except with a 1-inch difference in screen size, which effectively means the iPhone X Plus will also be designed with an edge-to-edge interface akin to its predecessor.
As of now, there are scant details about the model or when it will be unearthed for the public. Although, Apple is reportedly preparing to release a smaller version of the X that will be more affordable, and it will come equipped with a glass back, aluminum edges instead of steel, and a standard LCD display as opposed to a more advanced OLED.