Canadian producer, Boi-Ida, has fired back at Drake’s critics over his writing skills. Rumours have it that Drake doesn’t write his songs and he usually dishes out songs with the help of a ghostwriter named Quentin Miller.

In a new interview with Motel City podcast, Boi-Ida said, “Some of his songs are so personal. How can you have somebody write that for you?”

The producer who worked on some of the rapper’s hit singles including ‘Forever’ also said, “That man is definitely a writer. One of the greatest writers ever,”

“I’ve really seen this guy write a song like he’s writing an essay. I’ve seen him sit there and research what he’s rapping about and writing bars. So anyone trying to discredit him as a writer and a lyricist is bullshit. If you’re trying to discredit Drake from being a songwriter, you’re an idiot.”

“I’ve literally seen that guy spend months on a song.” he concluded.

Check out the interview below.