Once again, Drake is in the news and this time it’s as a result of a song titled “Plug” which popped up on SoundCloud via an unknown source.

This year, Drake has been making a lot of waves, from dropping “Life is Good” alongside Future, to releasing pictures of the redesigning of his private Jet by Virgil Abloh  and also the TikTok challenge for his song “Nonstop”. He recently released a new single “Toosie Slide” which comes along with a dance step. There have also been multiple songs from him, ending up on the internet through unknown sources.

This time, it’s ‘Plug’ which was reportedly recorded for his 2018 allbum “Scorpion” but never made the cut. According to the Soundcloud description, it’s produced by Atlanta producer, MexikoDro. You can listen to “Plug” on Soundcloud.