It is no  news that android is the most widely used mobile phone operating system in the world, Back in July the European Commission fined Google the whopping sum after claiming “illegal restrictions” were imposed on Android device manufacturers to “cement its dominant position in general internet search”.
However, now according to the latest reports, Google will charge $40 per device for Android.
Margrethe Vestager, who is in charge of competition policy for the Commission, said: “Today, mobile internet makes up more than half of global internet traffic.

“It has changed the lives of millions of Europeans.

“Our case is about three types of restrictions that Google has imposed on Android device manufacturers and network operators to ensure that traffic on Android devices goes to the Google search engine.”

In response to the fine and claims, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, responded by insisting Android has created more choice for users in a counter to the European Commission’s argument.
He said: “If you buy an Android phone, you’re choosing one of the world’s two most popular mobile platforms—one that has expanded the choice of phones available around the world.

The European Commission allegedly considered this anti-competitive, because, it “denied rivals the chance to innovate and compete on merits.” Although it is appealing the fine, the tech giant Google decided to change its licensing rules to comply with the determinations of the European authorities.

“The decision ignores the fact that Android phones compete with iOS phones, something that 89 percent of respondents to the Commission’s own market survey confirmed.”

Google has appealed the moves from the Commission but in the meantime has outlined its future changes to Android that will “comply with the decision”.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s Senior Vice President for platforms and ecosystems, declared: “First, we’re updating the compatibility agreements with mobile device makers that set out how Android is used to develop smartphones and tablets.

The statements from Google could lead to manufacturers charging more for their devices in order to compeannsate for the licensing cost for Google’s apps.
however we would keep you updated on any latest developmen.