Amazon has announced that Alexa is now able to handle patient information. It’s an exciting update that could make aspects of health care more accessible, but questions remain around privacy and how Amazon will (or won’t) be able to use the data it now has access to.

“These new skills are designed to help customers manage a variety of healthcare needs at home simply using voice — whether it’s booking a medical appointment, accessing hospital post-discharge instructions, checking on the status of a prescription delivery, and more,” Alexa senior manager Rachel Jiang wrote in a blog post.

Among the six skills that launched today, customers of Express Scripts can use Alexa to check the status of their prescription delivery. Customers of Livongo can connect Alexa to their glucose monitors and ask about their blood sugar reading. Patients of the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) program at Boston Children’s Hospital can receive information about appointments through Alexa. Jiang added that while the program is currently invite-only, the company expects to expand the number of health developers using Alexa in the future.