An eight-year-old boy named Ryan has been named the highest paid YouTuber of the year 2018, beating out well known personalities such as makeup mogul Jeffree Star and gaming YouTuber PewDiePie.

When most of us are trying to figure out what to become in life 😱😱, the 8 year Old Ryan Toys reviewer makes a whooping $22 million UsD in the year 2018 and has over 17 million subscribers and nearly 26 billion views across all his videos on YouTube.

Ryan’s parents, who have kept his last name private, started the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview in 2015, documenting their son reviewing and playing with various toys.

The 8 year old who reviews and plays with children toys.

Checkout the full list of Forbes Highest pod YouTubers in 2018 below 

  1. Ryan ToysReview, US$22 million
  2. Jake Paul, US$21.5 million
  3. Dude Perfect, US$20 million
  4. DanTDM, US$18.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star, US$18 million
  6. Markiplier, US$17.5 million
  7. Vanoss Gaming, US$17 million
  8. Jackscepticeye, US$16 million
  9. PewDiePie, US$15.5 million
  10. Logan Paul, US$14.5 million