With joint ventures turning out to be a piece of the standard in Hip Hop, truly outstanding in ongoing memory was 21 Savage and Metro Boomin‘s Savage Mode in 2016. The advancement venture, which conveyed the single “No Heart,” has provoked both 21 and Metro to affirm a follow up to the album.

Notwithstanding, neither Metro or 21 have affirmed the album’s new release date, inciting fans to continue asking about the status of the venture. In an ongoing Instagram Live session, 21 made it understood about what is holding off the much-anticipated project.

“Savage Mode 2 on the way man,” 21 was heard to say in the video. “You know, I gotta perfect my shit. Shit takes time. I be putting a lot of hard work into my shit. I ain’t just about to drop anything. My shit gotta be hard so it’s gonna take me a little longer, you know what I’m saying?”

After the live session was concluded, a fan brought up a question to Metro, asking why 21 hasn’t been active on Twitter.

The expectation for Savage Mode 2 goes back to 2019 when 21 performed in Los Angeles and brought out Metro. Before the hitmaker left the stage, 21 pre-announced the tape, to a monstrous thunder from the group. “Savage Mode 2 on the motherfucking way,” he said.