apple to sue samsung for $1billion dollars over patent infringement

Apple and Samsung will be battling it out in court once again this week for a damages retrial that occurred in 2011, and will determine how much Samsung has to pay Apple for infringing on Apple’s design patents, according to Bloomberg.
In 2012, Samsung was found guilty of violating the design patents, but for the last six years, the two tech giants have been fighting over the amount of money Samsung should pay as a result. Samsung was ordered to pay $1 billion, but it was reduced to $548 million, and was paid in full by 2015.
However, Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court for reduced damages, and was somewhat successful as the Supreme Court ordered the U.S. Court of Appeals to redetermine the amount Samsung owes Apple for the design patent infringement, leading us to the trial that is taking place this week.
MacRumors has provided an image of the design patent in question, which highlights the iPhone 3GS and Samsung’s Galaxy Si9000.
Apple is still asking for the initial $1 billion for damages, and has argued that “Samsung infringed millions and millions and millions of times.” Samsung, meanwhile, is looking to pay just $28 million instead.

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